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Murcia, 2014


This house is located in Beniajan, in the Murcian orchard, at the foot of Sierra de Carrascoy that enclose Segura River valley in the south.

The program adapts itself to the measure of some spatial dislocations and cuts in a white body,  that become more opaque towards surrounding neighborhood and transparent when oriented to the mountains in the south.

This body presents different frames to the landscape where is convenient.

Intercommunication between different parts of the house are produced from an interior space that houses some armchairs, one kitchen bar and a dining table with chairs. From here, someone can lean out to the gym space in a lower floor, or being seen from the gallery that give access to the bedrooms above.

East wing of the house is occupied by bedrooms, whose volumes interrupt the curtain wall facade; the main bedroom in the ground floor and children bedrooms above. The main bedroom is open and leads to a swimming  pool with jacuzzi. This swimming pool is animated with a waterfall that comes from the upper side of the glass in front of the main bathroom.

Finally a garage and a gym in the basement complete the program.


Design Credits:

Architecture and interior design by CLAVEL ARQUITECTOS

Partners in Charge: Manuel Clavel Rojo / Luis Clavel Sainz

Team: Rafael de Giles González, David Hernández Conesa

Photography: David Frutos (BISimages)


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