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For Alain Ducasse

Kempinski hotel, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE 2019


2020 Bar & Restaurant Design Awards Shorlisted (Finalist)

Category Luxury


General Concept:

Luxury, sophistication and surprise are the concepts behind Clavel Arquitectos design for Mr. Ducasse avant garde cuisine.

A giant egg, inspired in Fabergé famous jewelry art pieces is the main feature of the restaurant, crossing and relating its three levels. Lower part seems to float in the central void of the main and VIP restaurant and its outer shape and material responds to structural and esthetic matters respectively.


Egg represents the mystery of life and its real secret is hidden inside, in the top level, where only a privileged few can ascend in a private elevator.


Designers used a reduced palette of materials and minimum decoration: “Our approach to the project was more about a designing a museum rather than a classic restaurant.  Interior design worked here as a neutral background where the true art pieces and authentic protagonists were Mr. Ducasse dishes. This is why lighting became a crucial matter”.


Light is designed to be soft and to make guests feel comfortable. Targeted architectural spot lights concentrate in dishes, not in guests, and at the same are designed to be able to change the positions according to different furniture arrangements.

MIX Restaurant:

This is like a galactic scene, a space between materiality and immateriality; between dream and reality. Oversized golden egg is floating in the center of the space and is the feature that presides and brings energy to this area.

Conceived as a contemporary interpretation of islamic mocarabes, a flowing ceiling of transparent acrylic tubes covers this 500 sqm dining room in a single gesture.

Limits of walls are made disappeared using a rhythm of mirror layers that celebrate the movement of life.

White volakas marble and purple carpets has been disposed in order to achieve a flowing dialogue of continuities and qualities. Some areas play the role as a kind of topographical emergions that invite guests to explore and have a drink while waiting for a table or to sit and enjoy one of the signature cocktails offered by the barista.

MIX Bar & Lounge:

In terms of design Mix Bar & Lounge is a different dining experience.

This is a less formal restaurant where guests can have a relaxed drink or fine tapas while enjoying stunning views from outside.

The overall space is conceived as an artificial landscape of material relations where tables are conceived as islands, ceiling as a black reflecting sky, and metallic curtains envolving the whole area as a contemporary interpretation of desert tents. A continuous ceramic mosaic floor pretends to add a touch of mystery to this atmosphere.

MIX Private Dining:

Spatially and visually connected with the main restaurant in the sixth floor level, this is a privileged area with only ten tables. Again, guests can contemplate amazing views, enjoy a private bar or exclusive access to the stunning restrooms in the interior of the egg.

Architecturally is a cylindrical space of 190 sqm just below the main dome of the building. Main feature is the convex curved golden shape of the egg hung from the center.

A shiny white stretched ceiling millimetrically designed is in intimate relation with a surrounding golden curtain that brings privacy to the guests.

Chef’s Table:

This is an exclusive and reserved space with dedicated services, terrace and a central table for twelve guests. A single space of eleven meters height.

Elements of surprise are visible once inside the egg, crossing the border of purely aesthetic point of view. “It is not what it seems” would be the first rule. Only for those who are looking for unforgettable experiences.

When the interior surprise provides an experience that goes further from the contemplative point of view, energy of life appears and jewel becomes a toy.


Beyond the dining hall, the terraces allow to sit in an exterior space surrounded by amazing views of Dubai skyline from the Palm. The terrace is a flexible space that can be adapted according to the weather and uses required by the customers.

Furniture is arranged thoughtful and efficiently to create a flowing circulation for the guests and the waiters and most of these pieces have been designed exclusively for this restaurant.


Design Credits:

Partners in Charge: Manuel Clavel Rojo / Luis Clavel Sainz

Project Director: Rafael de Giles González


Team: David Gil Delgado, Cristina Jódar Pérez, Adrián Riquelme Martínez, Diego Victoria García, Ricardo Carcelén González, Ivaylo Denchev Torlakov, Ana Fernández Martínez, Ramón Gómez Ruiz, Robin Harloff, David Hernández Conesa, Luis Muñoz García, Joaquín Pérez Vicente, Tatiana Sabrina Poggi, Ginés Sabater Arnaldos, Mariano Tomás Fuster


Construction, fabrication and installation credits:

ID contractor: SEF Interiors (LLC)
MEP contrator: MAG International
Kitchen contractor: Al Inshirah Kitchen Equipments
Round lift and dumbwaiters contractor: Atlas Elevators
Structure calculations: CLERHP
Egg structure contractor: Construcciones Industriales Romero Alarcón
Egg interior and exterior cladding: Look Composites



Owner: EPG Management FZE
Operator: Alain Ducasse Entreprise


Photos by David Frutos (BISimages) 

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