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Murcia 2015



Mention Renovation Category

Premios Promoción Inmobiliaria APIRM 2018

Mention Interior Design

XIX Premios de Arquitectura de la Región de Murcia 2017


The project consists in the refurbishment and the interior design of the upper two floors of a residential building, which were previously composed by four duplex dwellings. Due to the initial building layout (a square floorplan with a central vertical core) and the existence of a huge number of drain and vent pipes, the starting spaces seemed to be too reduced for the requirements of a large family.


The layout was horizontally divided into day and night spaces, placing the bedrooms in the lower floor, and the kitchen/dining/living areas in the upper floor, as well as a gym. This latter level was truly privileged because of the terraces that surround it all around, allowing the users to enjoy a panoramic view of the city and a nearby park. Therefore, the project design kept this space open and arranged the day-program taking advantage of the original U-shaped floorplan. A polygonal cladding was strategically designed to absorb the irregular interior perimeter, house cupboards and secondary elements, and even to integrate pillars and free-standing shunts through tentacle prolongations which divide spaces at the same time.


The finishing material choice (dark grey lacquered glass) turned this floorplan into a kaleidoscopic space, thanks to the numerous reflections, both of the house itself and the outside views, entering the house through the totally glazed facade.


The terraces became an essential part of the house, completely integrated thanks to the large dimension of the facade’s openings, the invisible window frames, and the continuity of the limestone interior floor. 


In fact, each terrace was programmatically characterized according to its orientation: the dining terrace facing east with an outdoor kitchen, the lounge terrace facing west, and the swimming-pool terrace facing south.


The lower floor, with a more traditional program and layout, repeats the same strategy of the lacquered glass polygonal cladding, in order to avoid the feeling of long corridors.


Design Credits:

Architecture and interior design by CLAVEL ARQUITECTOS

Partners in Charge: Manuel Clavel Rojo / Luis Clavel Sainz

Team: Diego Victoria García, Rafael de Giles González, David Hernández Conesa

Photography: David Frutos (BISimages)


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