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Murcia, 2021

The store Willy in Murcia is conceived as a way to give back to the meatloaf, by the local design of the store, the quality seal required back then, when then the “organized group of bakers in 1695“used to regulate the ingredients (spices, flower flour, butter, puff pastry), the method (stretching, rolling, stretching….) and even the way to eat them (me method of “tirabuzón”).

Every bakery in Murcia had to display the regulations on a special place in their shop. Historically, this sign was a symbol of quality. The new bakery Willy in Murcia seeks to recover that tradition, reinventing it through design and transforming their regulations into architecture and interior design.

The whole interior space breathes the spices of the meat loaf, saffron, ginger, pepper and cloves, all transformed into colors and textures. The flour sieve in bloom becomes a permeable and perforated weave of the " puff pastry " lamps, protagonists of the place, which descend in layers almost at 4 meters height, among them, appears a vegetable "filling" of dried plants. All this gives place to a combination of lights and shadows at the guest's level.

The curved and soft lines of the wall and the niches interact with the traditional breaks of the crisp puff pastry as it breaks, which are reflected in a kaleidoscopic oak wood ceiling that hangs over the entrance and the large window, visible from the outside. Below it, the pavement continues the same trapezoidal shape, composed of natural wood triangles combining 3 different tones to achieve a three-dimensional illusion.

The counter and the bar are designed as pure and neutral pieces of black and white stone that give prominence to the product that is distributed in different spaces along the bakery.

Lastly, the façade of white folded ceramics in a zigzag pattern that frames the main access of the bakery, the entrance of 4 meters height where the puff pastry, with its shiny golden color and its thousand pieces crunching become the facing and the roof made of a golden trencadis. This finish gives the bakery tremendous visibility due to its reflections during daytime, with sunlight, so at night, with lighting effects of the large illuminated sign plus the interior lamps.

An interior atmosphere and an exterior appearance tinged with gold, glitter and wood that creates a cozy and luxurious space, reflecting the beauty of the true protagonist the puff pastry.



Design Credits:

Partners in Charge: Manuel Clavel Rojo / Luis Clavel Sainz


Team: Cristina Jódar Pérez. Lorena Pérez Palomar


Constructor: Abisur Construcciones y Reformas S.L.


Ownership: Willy Factory S.L.


Photos by David Frutos (BISimages)

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