Leisure and restoration center

Murcia, 2020 

Europe's largest overhanging pool (and the second largest in the world) is being built in Murcia, Spain.  Architect Manuel Clavel Rojo, the founder of Clavel Arquitectos, was the first to try out the 42-metre pool and 20 meters of cantilever on each side, following the tradition whereby the author must take the risk of testing his own creation. The building will be called Odiseo, a leisure and restoration center for adults 

Located in an area neighboring the urban center, the building creates an ecosystem protected from the rough climate of one of the cities with the most hours of sunshine in Europe which is highly targeted towards tourism. For this purpose, an elevated forest has been built to a height of 30 meters, protected by a latticework of pipes that, together with the sheets of water cascading from under the shade, will acclimatize the space by controlling the temperature inflicted by the intense Mediterranean sun. It, therefore, follows the traditional patio designs used to control temperature, harking back to the 10th century, which benefit from natural wind currents, in this case heightened when passing between the tubes on the façade. Its 12,000 m2 layout merges with the garden, including spaces for adult leisure, gastronomy, art and performance.
Due to its suburban location close to high-speed railways and tramways, the building has been made visible from a huge number of advertising totems in the adjacent shopping centers, so that the building itself becomes a colossal totem pole sheltering air and vegetation. Its construction, financed exclusively with private money, has relied heavily on local workers and talent, with a spirit of economic responsibility to this small town where it is located, much affected by the previous crisis.

Architecture, communication and nature coexist, giving character and habitability to a previously inhospitable and impersonal area of the city, creating an urban oasis for public use and a climate under control, accessible to all citizens.


Design Credits:

Partners in Charge: Manuel Clavel Rojo / Luis Clavel Sainz

Project Director: Diego Victoria García


Team: Clavel Arquitectos


Ownership: Orenes Grupo


Photos by David Frutos (BISimages)