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Oncologic and Rehabilitation
Medicine Clinic

Córdoba, 2021

As if a Cordoban flora oasis was, the ME TÓ DI CA clinic can be spotted from the end of two residential buildings avenues, like a forest of green reflections and warm light playing with pedestrians at the street level.


The façade is created with aluminium slats that form the abstract image of a Cordoban forest. This is achieved thanks to the treatment of every 20 x 40 mm slat’s edges, which makes them unique. Facing the street (20 mm exterior edge), slats are finished with green mirror material that, on the one hand, reflect cars and pedestrians passing through and the nearby trees’ leaves waving alongside the wind and, on the other hand, they dye the adjacent street pavement green as a result of reflecting the sunlight. Perpendicularly to the street (40 mm lateral edges), on their both sides, slats are finished with a printed vinyl forming the figurative image of a Cordoban forest in wide format.


Inside, the healthcare facilities are divided into two well differentiated areas, but at the same time absolutely imbricate and directly related: the clinic area and the movement-rehabilitation therapy area. Spatially, this translates to two wings linked by the hall, reception desk and waiting areas. On the one hand, the west wing has Metabolic Oncoloy consulting rooms, Oncothermia unit, day hospital, Hyperbaric Medicine unit, Intermittent Hipoxia unit, laboratory and consulting rooms of Podiatry, Physiotherapy and Aesthetic Medicine. On the other hand, the east wing has classrooms of Pilates, Yoga, education and personal training.


In order to go into ME TÓ DI CA’s forest, the access is made between two water sheets and the visitor meets a big reception desk with organic forms resting over a green ceramic pavement island. Around the reception desk, a forest is developed in the three dimensions. Firstly, walls, like the reception desk, are cladded with wood slats that are finished with silver mirror on their exterior edges. These slats create the sensation of strolling alongside the wood of tree trunks and, at the same time, amplify the surrounding space thanks to the mirror material, transmitting the multiplicity and infinite of forest’s trees. Secondly, vegetation hangs from the whole ceiling and, among it, a fractal rhomboidal net made of pure lighting lines is deployed, as if the trees’ branches were mathematiced. And, thirdly and lastly, the floor is understood as an hexagonal ceramic carpet in a sandy color


Finally, patients arrive at diverse activities rooms and clinical consulting rooms whose ceilings are covered with printed images of skies and trees’ crowns, depending on the room. The intention is that, after going through the forest, from the street until the interior rooms, the patient ends up in the stillness and serenity of observing the sky across the trees’ crowns, inside the forest.



Design Credits:

Partners in Charge: Manuel Clavel Rojo / Luis Clavel Sainz


Project director: David Gil Delgado

Team: Lorena Pérez Palomar, Miguel Pons de la Haba


Constructor: Ingeniería de la Construcción Cordobesa, S.L.


Ownership: López Real 09, S.L.


Photos by David Frutos (BISimages)

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