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Badajoz, 2019



Finalist International FAD Awards 2020

Category Interior Design

Finalist Bienal Iberoamericana de Diseño BID 2020

Category Diseño de Espacios e Interiores

Longlisted Dezeen Awards 2020

Category Architectural Lighting Design

Selected Work XV BEAU 2021

Category Interior Design

Finalist XIII Premios Porcelanosa 2022

Category Design of the Year

Winner The Advanced Architecture Awards 2022

Category Interiorism and User Experience


The renovation of an obsolete hotel in the small and economically depressed city of Badajoz (Spain), undertakes the difficult challenge of coexistence of uses (hotel, restaurants, nightclub and casino) and explore a bold reinvention of the concept of luxury. A global "black background" will be repeated to bring out with great power a series of specific resources in artificial LED light and its possibilities. It is nightlife and leisure that this interior summons, and with them a great explosion of curvilinear flashes of golden light drawn throughout the spaces. Through these resources, a large atrium allows an ecstatic play of light and reflections in which they lose the notion of space, and perhaps that of time as well. The lighting system was designed from scratch and custom made by the architects, who designed a very flexible aluminum profile elements able to be bent three-dimensionally in order to be adapted to all the curves of the interior. 90% of the elements were able to be prefabricated and installed on site which allowed an extremely fast construction that took only six months.



Design Credits:

Partners in Charge: Manuel Clavel Rojo / Luis Clavel Sainz

Team: Ana Abellán, Juan Pedro Boluda, Tatiana Poggi, Cristina Jódar, Luis Muñoz, Agustín Morazzoni, David Hernández

Collaborators: Tanco y Béjar Arquitectura, Cayetano Valero (ARTIC 21), Jano ingeniería, Fundación 33


Constructor: Belcón Obras y Ferga


Ownership: Gran Casino de Extremadura S.A.


Photos by David Frutos (BISimages)

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