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For Chodorow

Kempinski hotel, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE 2019


Continental Title 2019 (Africa and Western Asia)

Prix Versailles 2019, in association with UNESCO and the International Union of Architects (UIA)


Venetian cuisine has a centuries-long history and the region is home to some of the most recognizable dishes, desserts and wines in Italy. The possibilities that brings living in a globalized world, with full access to information and different cultures, permit the advance of these traditions thanks to the talent of modern chefs. Keeping the essence of an Italian restaurant, All Onda Dubai combines ingredients and cooking techniques from several cultures in a way which pulls together well, creating a seamless and fresh dish.
Clavel Arquitectos design brings to this restaurant some elements of Venetian crafts and traditions; where warmth of materials, delicacy of its finishes and human touch is present in the ambient and details. 

Gondolas are a well known symbol of Venice. Oars and forcola are made by remeri specialists. 

In All Onda Dubai, we bring these elements to the restaurant with architectural purposes so that walls are covered by handmade wooden oars and forcola is the shape that conforms crudo bar. Floor is a simple continuous concrete floor and handmade “boat shaped” structures cover the whole ceiling, working as acoustic and light dimming element at the same time.

There are other areas in the restaurant like beverage bar and restrooms, where remembrances of venetian carnival and Japanese influence is present.


Design Credits:

Partners in Charge: Manuel Clavel Rojo / Luis Clavel Sainz

Project Director: Rafael de Giles González


Team: David Gil Delgado, Cristina Jódar Pérez, Adrián Riquelme Martínez, Diego Victoria García, Ricardo Carcelén González, Ivaylo Denchev Torlakov, Ana Fernández Martínez, Ramón Gómez Ruiz, Robin Harloff, David Hernández Conesa, Luis Muñoz García, Joaquín Pérez Vicente, Tatiana Sabrina Poggi, Ginés Sabater Arnaldos, Mariano Tomás Fuster


Construction, fabrication and installation credits:


ID contractor: SEF Interiors (LLC)
MEP contrator: MAG International
Kitchen contractor: Al Inshirah Kitchen Equipments
Structure calculations: CLERHP



Owner: EPG Management FZE
Operator: China Grill Management


Photos by David Frutos (BISimages) 

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